Saturday, September 19, 2009

Combat Global warming

In the Global Warming debate there are only two sides. One group holds the thought that Global Warming is a hoax. The other side thinks by cutting consumption, the Global Warming can be reversed. Both sides are ignoring other possibilities to combat the problem. I have posted three of those (Scientific but all low Tech Ideas) ways to fight Global Warming in websites of various groups in the Internet and MSNBC discussion Boards, which is win solution for both sides. If you are interested, you can Google Search my name and find those postings. I always use my real Name, Address and e-mail when I write to Internet web sites.
Everyone will probably get upset when you read Trash and Ocean in the same sentence. I am going to propose exactly that. You can get rid of the Trash problem in major cities of the United States and help the Environment and combat Global Warming at the same time.

Send the Trash to the bottom of the Ocean (Trash contains mostly Organic materials and hence contain Carbon). These materials will be buried by Ocean sediments. At the bottom of the Ocean all the Carbon will be reduced to CH4 (Methane) under extreme Anaerobic conditions. Under extreme cold conditions Methane will freeze and accumulate in Nuggets. Methane will polymerize to higher Hydrocarbons and ultimately to Petroleum in millions of years and hence Carbon will be sequestered almost permanently. It will take that long polymerization will be extremely slow under very cold conditions. On the other hand if Methane is cooked say by volcanic eruptions, polymerization takes only days.

Now the real discussion starts. If you throw trash in the Ocean without any thought, it will only add to the Texas size Trash already floating there. What I am proposing is that Trash should be compacted and enough rocks added and send and make sure it goes to the bottom, say 20,000 to 25,000 ft. The packages should be place one mile apart and if possible track first 1000 packages by Robot or GPS. I have $146 GPS that indicates exactly what my position is (Co-Ordinate). Teaming up with Google can help.

I have posted this on MSNBC discussion board and other Internet Global Warming sites. If you Google search my name you can find them there. There were a few objections to my proposals at only MSNBC discussion Board.

1. Global Warming is a hoax and we do not need to get rid of Carbon.

2. Methane does not produce Petroleum, something else does.

3. Inorganic wastes should be burned to produce energy.

I do not want to comment to the above objections.

There were some real concerns and proposals to my posts.

1. Trash should be burned to produce electricity.
2.Blood syringes and other Laboratory wastes constantly washing to the Ocean and causing pollutions.
3.There are toxic substances in the Trash.
4. Many disease causing Microorganisms in the Trash
5. There may be life even at 20,000 ft deep Ocean

Proposal #1 is constructive but because of NIMBY, this is never going to happen.
Concern #2,Throwing those Laboratory wastes are illegal and those people should be punished.
Concer #3, There are toxic substances in the Trash. I am not concerned about that, those toxic substances should stay in the bottom of the Ocean and buried instead of polluting the air and land and ultimately expose the Humans and other Animals.

Concern #4 Any concern about Microorganisms should be dealt with by sterilizing the compact packets before sending to the bottom of the Ocean. Any metals in the trash will be converted to hydrides and sulfides (lot of sulfur compounds constantly oozing out from the bottom of Oceans). Sulfides will be converted to rocks of ‘PYRITES’( metallic sulfides )may be 100 million years from now future intelligent beings will produce Sulfuric Acid etc from those Pyrites.

Concer#5 Yes there are Life forms at very great deep Ocean. There also places devoid of life. Oceanographers at Woodshole and Lamont Doherty can advice on that problem.

I have thought very hard about this matter for a long time and thought my proposal is the best way to get rid of the Trash problem and help combat (even it is very little compared to the enormity of the problem of Global Warming). In my younger years I was Chemistry major in the fifties. I have studied in Columbia University in the early seventies. I have taken courses in Earth Science, Molecular Biology, Toxicology and more. I have studied Geochemistry (Geochemistry is extension of Chemistry), Ocean Chemistry, Oceanography and related subjects on my own. I invite real criticism against my proposal and I want to defend my Idea. You can contact me with e-mail, letter or phone call. I will love objective criticism. You probably know that Organic Materials, dead Planktons, Marine Animals etc are constantly going to the bottom of the Ocean which is probably many thousand times of the Trash I am proposing to send there.

Jnan R. Saha
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